Decorating Consultations
If you're looking for some everyday or seasonal decorating help, we have the perfect service for you. We can also help with your retail business too.

Clients Homes

In Home Decorating:
Are you looking for some decorating advice and not looking to hire a full service Interior Designer? Here are just a few services we can offer if you just need a little help and not a full design proposal.
  • Choosing the right paint color.
  • Dressing your bed
  • Room Layouts
  • Furnishings and accessories suggestions
$90 for the first hour, $75 each additional hour in home or shopping at other retail locations. Optional idea boards after consult $100 each room. (1 hour round trip included, additional travel time at $75/hr).

Business Consults:
We can help answer some of the most common questions we receive from other retailers and give suggestions based on our personal experience. We'll even share some secrets as well. Frequent questions include...
  • How are we able to stay in business for 16 years?
  • How do you know which lines are the right lines to buy?
  • What trade shows do you go to?
  • How did we start your website?
  • How do we liquidate product?

$90 for the first hour, $75 each additional hour. (1 hour round trip included, additional travel time at $90/hr).

Seasonal Decorating:
$75/hr. Offered all year round but most requests during the Christmas Season.
  • Tree decorating
  • Mantel decorating
  • Staircase and centerpiece decorating
  • Post holiday decor cleanup
Please contact us for more information on these services. Email or call 508-393-8882